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Charlie Hofheimer

24 Legacy, Turn, Mad Men, Private Practice, The Good Wife, Black Hawk Down, and more

Josh is excellent at material analysis.  His ability to get to the crux of a scene, and to identify the subtle and even contradictory intentions of characters, is what makes him so great to work with.  In addition to understanding the forces that are working on the character, he is hyper-articulate and able to communicate complicated ideas in ways that are easy to apprehend. 

Melinda Page Hamilton

Damnation, Rectify, Devious Maids, Mad Men, Big Love, Desperate Houswives, and more

Josh Beren is the single greatest resource an actor can have. I have used him repeatedly for on-tape auditions and know him to be a brilliant and challenging coach as well as a skillful and supportive ally in all things creative. His flexibility, enthusiasm, passion and playfulness make those dreaded words 'self-tape' no longer a chore but an opportunity for creativity and fun.

Kale Clauson

Hello My Name is Doris, Grace and Frankie, Superstore, Chicago P.D., The Mentalist, and more

Having worked with Josh for years now, I can say he's been instrumental to my development as an actor. His compassion for characters and well developed understanding of storytelling mechanics always provides a unique and valuable insight into performance. I can thank him for multiple successes in both television and film. 

Shannon Lucio

American Horror Story, Longmire, Roots, True Blood, Grey's Anatomy, Prison Break, The O.C., and more

Josh has a thorough understanding of storytelling.  He succinctly and fully articulates the function your character plays and guides actors towards choices that support the story.  He often sees aspects of the character I was previously blind to.  His enthusiasm for the work makes the process playful and engaging.  I leave our sessions with confidence because I know I've explored many possibilities and through that exploration, have found the key to the character.

Nick Massouh

Designated Survivor, Ray Donovan, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Californication and more

 I love Josh's insight!  He helps me find specifics in the material I wouldn't have otherwise discovered.  At the same time, he creates the space for me to find my natural voice within the material. 

Erin Carere

Emergency: LA, The Pretty Boys, and more

I booked a series regular role from a tape that I filmed with Josh! That should tell you how great he is at coaching. I have worked with Josh over several years now and he is so good at quickly getting to the core of the scene, and then helping you find moments of surprise, truth, and need. With his sense of play and commitment, you get to create life- in an audition tape! Both the technical and the intuitive are at work with Josh, so not only are you coming to life inside the character, but it looks beautifully shot, too. I highly recommend Josh.

Ivana Shein

Psycopaths, Meadowland, The Division, Days of Our Lives and more

Josh is LA's best kept secret.  When I go to work with him he creates an environment which is safe for me to express myself fully in. I feel that he is able to bring his expertise both as a writer and as an actor to help me tell the story in a clear and evocative way. I always look for training in a coach. Josh has studied with the best in LA. When I get an audition I need to work with someone I can trust, who is kind and reliable and also trained.  Josh accomplishes that tricky balance of facilitating my process with an eye on the results. In this town there are so many places to put your hard earned dollars. Josh is one of the people I highly recommend you invest in. Josh is a valuable coach, and also he has one of the best set ups for self tapes in town!

Lesley Demetriades

Director of Women and Sometiesm Men, High Point, Obscene Beauty, The Date and more

Josh Beren is my absolute go-to script analysis consultant when I'm directing. I love working with him for a number of reasons. Besides his brilliant insight and supportive spirit, his humor makes every session so enjoyable. It feels good to know I have someone in my corner who sees script analysis in a way that I appreciate and honors the value of my work.

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